Confused about healthy eating? Grit&Grain can help you. 



Sustainability and long lasting results. 

Welcome to Grit & Grain Nutrition. I am an online nutrition coach and here to help and advise anyone, even those with little time to spare, to achieve their weight management, fitness and health goals, in a safe and sustainable way. 

I cut through the vast amount of confusing and complicated misinformation about food and healthy eating and give you the facts. No fads. No crazy restrictions. Health, wellbeing and real food is at the heart of what I do and what I believe in. 

Convenient & flexible, I work around you. 

Thanks to technology and free access to calorie counting apps achieving your weight management, fitness and health goals has never been easier. Do you have a busy social life? A family to look after? Spend most of your week at work? That's not a problem. Because I work online all our meetings and catch ups are done via Skype, email, messaing apps and/or on the phone making it more flexible for you to fit around your busy schedule.