Bircher Muesli - Recipe


This is a super easy breakfast recipe, its also really well balanced and the best bit is you can customise it using the ingredients you like...also Bircher Muesli helps us keep fuller for longer too, winner!

Makes 4-6 portions (depending on how hungry you are) | Preparation time 10 mins.


  • 300g Bircher Muesli (or any other muesli)
  • 350ml apple juice
  • 2 apples (or your fav chopped fruit)
  • 350g yogurt
  • Handful of berries (or whatever you fancy on top, e.g. nuts and seeds)


  • Put the muesli in a big mixing bowl
  • Grate the apple and/or add other chopped fruit
  • Add the apple juice
  • Add the yogurt and mix until all the oats are soaked in the liquid 
  • Leave in the fridge to soak over night 
  • Add some fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, drizzle of honey or whatever you fancy on top
  • Eat and enjoy for breakfast or as a snack...or whenever the hell you want :)