Seb, Lancashire 

"For as long as I can remember I’ve been picking up nutritional and “diet” one liners that for whatever reason managed to stick. “Don’t eat carbs”, “Don’t eat carbs after 5pm”, “You don’t use protein powder?!”, “Butter is bad”, “Pasta is evil” and anything else you’re likely to see on facebook from friends who share posts by the Daily Mail. 

I’ve known Ailsa for a long time, and going into what are traditionally my winter hibernation months I thought what better time to have a chat and see what she thinks of my predicament. Some clarity if you will. What should I be doing to get to my goal weight? How should I get there? And is bread really the work of the devil? 

Put simply, with a smile on her face and zero judgement, Ailsa worked with me for eight weeks. As well as our weekly tutorials she was always on the end of the phone, text or email to answer any additional questions. 

Through being true to myself, I lost 4kg over the eight weeks and it’s still coming off at a steady pace. Yes it’s wonderful that non of my jeans fit anymore, but it’s not about dieting, it’s a lifestyle choice. I wanted balance. And Ailsa has helped me find it. I laugh at dietary news flashes now, and feel smug watching all the chefs and exercise peeps pushing their own agendas. I know the rules now, and it feels liberating. 

This is the first year since my uni days (now 36) I’ve gone into my November birthday and then Christmas feeling great. I did take a week or so off from xmas day (mainly because I was pissing everyone off with calorie tracking lol). I get nice comments from people who haven’t seen me, and I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface. Last week I was at a spa day with my wife and happily jumping from sauna to pool to steam to whatever not worrying about how I look and feel, knowing that yes, there’s a lot more to come off, but not ashamed to cruise around. Big steps.

I urge anyone who’s serious about analysing their nutritional lifestyle to check out this company. Total game changer for me and I’ll never look back. Big ups Ailsa, you f*ckin rock."


Katherine, Leeds

"Grit & Grain have helped me to get the facts straight after feeling confused and overwhelmed with how to eat healthy, due to all of the mixed messages and fad diets that are out there. Ailsa did not restrict my eating habits but through a customised nutrition programme that suited my lifestyle, helped me to focus on my personal goals in an achievable way. Ailsa is extremely approachable, relatable and knowledgeable. She has provided ongoing support and positivity throughout my journey towards a healthier, happier and more confident me! I would recommend Ailsa to any one of my friends and family and she is a lovely person both inside and out."


Vanessa, New York City

"I reached out Grit & Grain when I couldn't figure out why I wasn’t getting results through my regular workout regime. I’ve always considered myself to be a healthy person - I went to yoga religiously, ran occasionally, and ate what I thought was healthy. Working with G&G helped me analyse my diet and introduce foods I thought we’re off limits. Ailsa crafted a bespoke plan based on my workout activity and my job/day to day activity. She worked specific to my goals and although I’m in New York, she met with me over Skype on a weekly basis to make sure I was staying on track. Her positive reinforcement, expertise in the field and true attention to detail is what made me get the results I wanted so quickly. 

Ailsa at Grit & Grain has been a wonderful and incredibly wholesome teacher. I would recommend anyone looking for an honest and healthy approach to fitness and wellness to sign up today!" 


Louise, York 

"Since I can remember I have had a theory that dieting is really hard. I have done every diet possible, cabbage soup, slimming world, Atkins, clean and lean, you name it, I have tried it. Each one produced the same result, I lost weight quick on the first month or so, then couldn't maintain it as its impossible to fit in to a 'normal' life. The other factor is after each diet I put more weight on each time, which created a really bad cycle of binge eating and starving. When I first came across Grit and Grain, their approach was different, it felt real and could see straight away how much their plan would fit in to my lifestyle quite easily and instead of a diet, it would be just what I do forever. I was scared at first, as I was at my heaviest I have ever been, but their supportive and caring guidance helped me jump on the scales and get started with my new approach to food and a healthy lifestyle.  I have worked in the food industry for many years and I thought I knew roughly how many calories I was consuming each day and thought my diet was ok. I was wrong, my diet was pretty poor and not only made me gain weight, made me feel pretty rubbish. I have just completed my first 4 weeks with G&G and I have lost 3.5Kilos. I am over the moon. Not only that, I feel better and healthier. I don't have energy slumps in the afternoon and my cravings for certain foods have gone. The guidance and knowledge from the off set has been fantastic and they are always there to answer any questions or help me through any wobbles I have. I love our Skype one-to-ones as it gives me chance to reflect and set new goals. I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks to see what I can achieve and hitting my goals. Thank you G&G x"


Eleanor, Leeds

"Grit and Grain have been brilliant with helping me understand the importance of healthy nutrition and the impact it can have on my training plan. Ailsa is always on hand to offer support by answering any questions and giving motivational tips when I'm having a bad day. She always keeps me on track. Grit and Grain is a sustainable way of living and has completely changed how I view food   after trying multiple fad diets and quick fat loss training plans. I would recommend anybody to use Grit and Grain to get their nutrition on track for good."


Stephanie, Leeds

"Working with Grit&Grain has given me a completely different perspective on food and nutrition. Before we started I thought I was knowledgeable on what foods I should eat and when I should eat them - I was also terrified of eating carbohydrates and viewed them as something that I could only enjoy as a cheat meal or if I felt I ‘deserved’ them after an intense gym session I always felt tired and dreaded meal times because the food I was eating was so dull, constantly killing myself in the gym and never seeing the results I thought I should be getting.

G&G has helped me both physically and mentally – she has helped me understand so many aspects to health and fitness, the importance of carbohydrates to re-fuel my body and is incredibly supportive in whatever goals I set for myself
I now look forward to meal times as Ailsa has taught me there is such a wide variety of food I can eat and enjoy whilst knowing they are aiding me in losing the body fat and weight I have set in my goals.

I’m also recovering from intense exercise and have seen a great improvement in my running and gym workouts all of which could not have been achieved with my previous lifestyle
Ailsa is also very realistic in understanding I have a social life and a lot of ‘diets’ don’t allow you to have that – knowing my daily intake allows me to tailor my life around this.

I can’t recommend G&G enough, even in the short space of time we have been working together I have had only positive changes in my life and I can’t wait for the next few months to see how far I can progress."


Lora, Leeds

"Grit and Grain is perfect for anyone wanting to achieve their goals without having to follow a strict meal plan, with strict rules. Ailsa talked me through a high level guide of how much I should be eating of what, and how it would help to achieve my goals. This means that I can use a simple app every day to monitor what I'm eating, and tweak as necessary without having to give anything up. It has been hugely helpful to get some super tasty examples - particularly for snacking! It's also worth noting that I've fallen off the bandwagon a few times due to various celebrations, but Ailsa has always been there to encourage me, and has never made me feel guilty! I'd definitely recommend Grit and Grain for anyone who wants to ensure they're making good choices, without the restrictions."